Then and Now

by Gigi Ross on October 25, 2011

This was me, give or take 10 years ago.

Living it up at a wedding.

And here was me that same year, going on a “team building” event with my fabulous coworkers (no, seriously. We all hung out voluntarily, and most of us are still in touch).

Oh, and here’s another one of me with some coworkers at California Adventure. Another team-building event.

I was a year into marriage, was about to buy my first home, I had a fantastic job and life was good.

This is me now.

Some things haven’t changed, and some things in my life are a 360 from where they were just 10 years ago.

Then, I was still paying off $72K in law school student loans. Now? They’re gone.

Then, hubs and I could pick up and go wherever we wanted, when we wanted. Like the time we discovered we had two days left to use some Southwest free flights, so we flew to Vegas for lunch, and flew back 3 hours later. Now? Every time we go out the door, it’s a major production to round up slow-moving kids, straighten up, grab the camera, put directions into the GPS…and the list goes on.

Then, we were driving a brand-spanking new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now? My husband is driving that not-so-new Jeep Grand Cherokee. With 170,000 miles on it. (we got our money’s worth)

Then, we could split 3 bottles of wine between the two of us and call that a good time. Now? We split 3 glasses and pray to God it’s not past 8 p.m. or we’ll have raging hangovers.

Then, we hosted fabulous dinner and holiday parties that would make Martha Stewart envious. Now? Our parties normally consist of family movie night with popcorn and blankets. And I like it that way.

Then, I had no facial lines or wrinkles or sagging anything. Now? Well…the question is what ISN’T wrinkled or sagging.

Then, we lived in California and loved every second. Now? We’ve just moved BACK to California and we’re loving every second.

Then, I couldn’t cook anything but spaghetti and couldn’t take a good photo to save my life. Now? I’m a pretty darn good cook and was smart enough to buy myself a really good camera.

Then, I didn’t have these two rascals.

Now? I can’t imagine life without them in it.

The last ten years have been a wild, crazy, fun, scary ride – and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

I’m joining in other Microsoft Windows Champions today and posting about what life was like 10 years ago compared to now. Microsoft is celebrating the 10-year anniversaries of Windows XP and Office!

As part of the Windows Champions program with Microsoft, I received free products and Microsoft information. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions herein are totally mine. I do love the peeps at Microsoft and always love joining in on a party!


Vinobaby October 25, 2011 at 4:22 am

Ten years ago–an absolute lifetime, it seems. That child-free, professional, newly wed, also soon-to-be-homeowner is just a distant vague memory for me as well.

But then again, life isn’t half bad now, just different. As it should be.

Your two little rascals are adorable. Savor each moment. Cheers.

Alexandra October 25, 2011 at 5:29 am

You’ve got something done off my bucket list.

I HAVE to do the camera thing now, before all I have to take pictures of is roommates with Depends on.

And, yes, yes to things so much better and sweeter.

Like kissing 72k in student loans good bye.


P.S. I like you in long hair.

John October 25, 2011 at 5:50 am

I love the same-but-different . . . I mean, compare your smile now to then, and it’s the same . . . but the reasons for it might be very different.

I totally want to fly to Vegas for lunch. I really miss the “me” that was able to do that. I’d not go back to that “me” if I could, but I do miss it…

Lastly, XP is really 10 years old?

Elaine October 25, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Life has certainly changed over here too, in much the same ways.

I love that your hubby is still driving the same Jeep! That’s awesome!

Cascia October 25, 2011 at 7:29 pm

The past ten years certainly have changed. Ten years ago I was getting ready to graduate from college. I didn’t have any money or any idea what I was going to do with my life. I only had one child and did not imagine that ten years later I would have four more. Life goes by way too quickly!

Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him October 26, 2011 at 8:23 am

I know you’ll hate me for saying it, but flying to Vegas for lunch is so Entourage:)

Great one.

julie gardner October 26, 2011 at 12:35 pm


(I know. I’m particularly witty today.)

becca October 26, 2011 at 9:56 am

lfe has a way of changing and sometimes we don’t notice till we slow down and look

Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Essential Oils) October 26, 2011 at 10:37 am

It’s amazing the difference 10 years makes! Having children changes everything, but for the better of course. I can’t imagine my life without them either.

julie gardner October 26, 2011 at 12:38 pm

Then AND now you are beautiful, intelligent, and well-prioritized for your stage of life.

Oh crap.
“Your stage of life” (which is also mine) sounds like a Metamucil commercial or something.

Anyway, it’s no less true.
And California is glad to have you back…

p.s. We all have a few “smile lines” here from all the sunshine. And all the happiness.


Charlene Ross October 26, 2011 at 1:36 pm

I really liked this post. Ah the then and now… Actually 10 years ago I had a one-year-old and a four-and-a-half-year-old and was that many years in diapers and adjusting my life around kids’ nap schedules.

17 years ago was when I was driving our new Honda Accord -our 1st joint purchase 2 days before we got married- (that we are still driving today!) and could take off on a whim for a weekend away or dinner and a movie after work. Ah… those were the days.

But you’re right – I don’t miss them one bit. Could not imagine life without my kids. (But I’d happily do away with the wrinkles!)

Jessica October 26, 2011 at 6:25 pm

So you have always had good hair.

Truthful Mommy October 26, 2011 at 6:35 pm

What a difference 10 years makes. I am in the same boat.I have the days that I miss being able to do as I please but God,I wouldn’t trade my girls for all the time and money in the world!

By Word of Mouth Musings October 26, 2011 at 8:46 pm

and look, the years have been kind …
gorgeous and together!

Cam - Bibs & Baubles October 26, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Sounds like then was pretty good but now is totally awesome!

Megan (Best of Fates) October 28, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Ten years ago? I was in high school. And I was a bit strange. Kinda like now. (About the strange part, not the high school part, I did end up graduating.) And I wish my work had such fun team building activities!

Tina @ Life Without Pink October 30, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Oh just love this! It’s crazy how life can change in a few years…but when you add kids to the mix – it changes everything…for the better :)

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