6 Free Can’t-Miss Resources for Kids with Learning Disabilities

by Gigi Ross on February 10, 2014

learning disabilities

I don’t know about y’all, but I find that as my kids get closer to middle school, unexpected issues pop up that I’m not necessarily prepared for. One day my son might come home with a D on a science quiz. Or my daughter was excluded on the playground by someone she thought was her friend. Maybe there’s a mention of a bully on the basketball courts.

When this happens, I want answers FAST. And NOW. I rush to Google and scan search results to find the best resources I can.

And if you’re a parent whose child is experiencing bullying, or who has learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD, or maybe has trouble staying organized and on task, you might be in the same boat.

I’m excited to be able to share some terrific toolkits and ebooks on some of these challenging parenting situations from the National Center for Learning Disabilities. And best of all? These are all free to you.

What’s especially great about these resources is that by seeing some of your most pressing questions anticipated and answered, it reassures you of a very important thing that helps us all get through tough parenting moments: you’re not alone in this.

  • Parent Toolkit: IEP Basics for Parents of Students with LD – great if you’re just entering the IEP process. Check out my IEPs for Newbies post for more great resources on this topic).

  • Parent Toolkit: Dyslexia Toolkit  – if you suspect your child has dyslexia, or you’ve just received a diagnosis, this is a good place to kick off your information search.

  • School Toolkit: The Truth About Bullying – focused on children with learning disabilities, but let’s face it, a lot of dealing with bullying applies to many children. There’s also a Parent Toolkit on Bullying.

  • Free E-Book: IEP Meeting Planner – I mentioned this one in my last post. This will help you prep for an IEP and make sure all of your ducks are in a row.

  • Free E-Book: Executive Function Around the Clock – this one is fascinating to me because my daughter struggles with staying on task and seeing it through to completion (or finishing it in a timely fashion).

  • Free-Book: 50 Questions About LD – get your questions answered from the people who know and get kids with LD!

This post is sponsored by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. All opinions are my own.


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